Walk for Water

What would you do if your closest water source was more than half an hour away?

This is a daily reality for millions, but it doesn't have to be. In Africa and Asia, women have to walk an average of 6 kilometres to collect water. That’s roughly 7874 steps, mostly through difficult terrain and with dozens of litres of water to carry. This March, Walk for Water by taking 10,000 steps a day for five days and fundraising for WaterAid (www.wateraid.org.au), an international NGO that helps communities access clean water closer to home, enable women and girls to spend more of their time going to school, seeking employment, looking after children, and engaging in leisure activities.

From 19-23 March, take a step towards a healthier lifestyle, put your peers through their paces, and walk for those who walk too much. Sign up at www.walkforwater.org.au. This event coincides with World Water Day, which is recognised annually on 22 March.