Year 5/6

Year 5/6

Programs We Run at Parktone - Year 5/6



We stream the students into like-ability groups (based on their assessment data) across Year 5 and 6 classes, for two to three 30 minute reading sessions per week, where we use the Cars and Stars Reading Comprehension program. This program is a research based model, which explicitly teaches the 12 key strategies that students need to become fluent and discerning readers. Each lesson sequence involves the explicit teaching of a strategy, teacher - guided usage of the strategy, independent work, and assessment preparation.


For two sessions per week the students participate in Reading Groups. These focus on a particular Victorian Curriculum outcome from the Year 5 or 6 curriculum. Students cycle through rotational activities that include:


-          Reciprocal or Guided Reading with the teacher

-          Independent work on the SRA Reading Comprehension Laboratory Program – Students read short texts at their level, and answer a variety of Comprehension and Word Study questions

-          Study Ladder – an online learning platform where  teachers are able to set tasks for students, that focus on the curriculum statements to be targeted each lesson


Teachers read a prescribed text to the students each semester that connects to the Narrative Writing genre that they will study that semester. For one session a week in Reading, students reflect on the latest chapter they have read, and complete a Book Study set of questions that analyse the text.


Smart Words Spelling

We stream the students for Smart Words four times a week, which is our spelling program. The Smart Words class is split into 4 groups, each working at a different level, which is represented by a letter (e.g. Group P, Group D etc.) Smart words is a 4 day rotational program, with each group cycling through Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, & Day 4 of their levels



Lessons are 50 minutes. The structure of lesson is 10 - 15 minutes of explicit teaching, 20 - 30 minutes of independent work, and 5-10 minutes of reflective practice.


We study writing in 5 week blocks focusing on one genre and text type at a time. Over the 5 weeks of writing we follow this process:


Week 1 – Content Creation
Week 2- Writing Process
Week 3 – Content Creation
Week 4 - Writing Process
Week 5 – Publish & Celebrate


Content Creation weeks are where we pull apart the genre and text type studied, and explicitly teach the language features, structural elements, and linguistic devices specific to the text type.


Writing Process weeks are where the students have a go at putting the language features, structural elements, and  devices that they have learnt about into their own piece of work.



Handwriting is prescribed on the Victorian Curriculum. Students in Year 5 & 6 complete guided handwriting tasks for approximately 30 mins per week.



Students from Grade 2 – Grade 6 take part in JEMM, JEMM+ or EMM (Elementary Maths Mastery) lessons four times a week. This is a teacher-guided mental maths skills mastery program which consists of scripted lessons composed of different Mathematical strands. In each lesson, the teacher reads a set of questions that progress students on from the last lesson, accompanied by visual displays and prompts on the SmartBoard. The teacher then leads students through the questions, correcting answers as a class, and clarifying any errors and mistakes. The tasks become progressively harder and students track their progress after each session which enables teachers to identify precisely where and when students experience difficulty.


Mathematics Lessons

Each class at Parktone will complete five Mathematics lessons per week. These lessons are 50 minutes in duration and follow a specific instructional model. They begin with a short tune-in activity or number based game, followed by an explanation of the learning intention and explicit teaching of relevant mathematical concepts as detailed by the Victorian Curriculum. Learning activities are hands-on and student focused, based on real-life maths rather than worksheets, and include independent work, or work in like or mixed ability groups. Throughout learning activities students put what they have been taught through the explicit teaching into practise. Lessons are concluded with some reflective practise, where students reflect upon their learning throughout the lesson, share any misconceptions, and discuss how the learning intention has been met.


Science , ICT & Humanities

Each lesson is 50 minutes in duration and students will complete one of each of these sessions per week. These lessons are planned in teams to meet the outcomes outlined in Victorian Curriculum.